On 7th November East Lothian Council’s Planning Committee voted by a majority to accept the recommendation of their Planning Officer - the application has been refused planning permission.

NBHTA thanks everyone who became engaged in the debate and were sufficiently motivated to review the available evidence and supporting documentation in forming their own view – and then expressing that view in a considered and constructive way.

NBHTA remains focused on supporting appropriate, economically viable developments to secure an active, working harbour for the community and is delighted to work with any party that helps achieve this aim.

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Facilities and Charges

Details of the facilities offered at North Berwick harbour.

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Navigation and Pilotage

Navigational information and pilotage services

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Bylaws of the harbour

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North Berwick Harbour Trust Association aims to provide the following;


The advancement of citizenship and community development in North Berwick Harbour and its environs through trade and industry or otherwise;

Heritage and Culture

The advancement of heritage and culture through increased awareness of and greater access to a wide range of activities and events which will be planned to showcase the harbour and its history;

Public Participation

The advancement of public participation in sport and related activities, e.g. kayaking, rowing, sailing yachts and boats

Harbour Facilities

For the benefit of the public to repair, maintain, conserve and improve North Berwick Harbour and the harbour facilities in an efficient and economical manner and to facilitate the efficient and economic transport of goods or passengers by sea;

Recreation and Leisure

Providing and organising, or assisting with the provision and organisation of facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation and leisure-time occupation with the aim of improving the conditions of life for the inhabitants of North Berwick and its environs;