Community Chatterbox 20th September

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Chatterbox Comment : Wednesday 20th September
Here’s what some of our petition respondents are saying LOCALLY …….

Petition Comment : North Berwick, 12th August
This is home. It will always be home. My family has seen the Harbour evolve over generations to meet the needs and desires of the community. Change is good. Change is necessary. Change has developed the Harbour into a bustling hive of activity, supporting local business, sports groups, national sailing championships, community groups & not to mention Fringe by the Sea, providing them all with space to thrive in the beautiful historic setting. So I’m not adverse to change, but to see one development put all this at risk with a selfish, ill thought through proposal which doesn’t stand up to the most basic of scrutiny makes me very angry indeed. The Seabird Centre is a valued part of the community, but it doesn’t have the right to dictate the future of the Harbour. I fully support the Centre taking steps to rectify its business failings, but there’s absolutely no evidence that this proposal will do that. A successful Centre working in harmony with the rest of the Harbour community is something I’m sure we all want, so let’s park this idea & go back to the drawing board. Together !

Petition Comment : North Berwick, 11th August
The conservation of this traditional Harbour, which is heavily used by locals & attracts many visitors, is vital to the community. A corporate expansion of the Seabird Centre is not a legitimate trade-off for the damage to a site of historic & contemporary value.

Petition Comment : North Berwick, 6th August
The Seabird Centre already thinks the whole area belongs to them. We need to keep the Harbour for ALL – not just them !

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