Community Chatterbox 21st September

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Chatterbox Comment : Thursday 21st September
Here’s what some of our petition respondents are saying NATIONALLY …….

Petition Comment : Edinburgh, Scotland, 13th August
Size of development totally inappropriate for Harbour area. No proof that this development will make the Seabird Centre financially viable. Period of construction likely to be highly disruptive to Harbour users & visitors. I believe that only a very small proportion of those who enter the Seabird Centre building actually pay to go downstairs to visit the displays. Thus, the current building is largely a café & retail outlet. There appears to be no evidence that increasing the size of the building will increase the proportion visiting the display area(s). Various scenic views will be restricted or totally lost from several vantage points.

Petition Comment : Coatbridge, Scotland, 6th August
I love North Berwick as it is – it has many happy memories for me & my family and it is important that we, as a country, retain “quaint” aspects of our history. Tourists visit Scotland to see exactly this kind of scene and corporate greed should not be permitted to ruin the landscape, go against the wishes of local residents or engulf our tradition.

Petition Comment : Peterborough, England, 10th August
I walk there all the time and would hate to see a bigger building. Why not spend money restoring the outdoor pool ? Great for healthy living & a unique feature for all to enjoy, rather than another commercial venture masquerading as a nature fest !

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