Community Chatterbox 23rd September

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Thought for Today ……

Tom Brock, the Seabird Centre’s CEO, told the NBHTA at a presentation on 3rd April 2017, “…… that the Seabird Centre was no longer viable in its current form.”

Simpson & Brown, project architects, state in section 4.7 of their Design Principles submitted to the Planning Department at East Lothian Council, “The future viability of the existing centre in its existing form is at risk. The centre needs to develop to ensure the sustainability of this landmark building for the future.”

Seabird Centre Trustees wrote to “The Courier” newspaper on 24th & 31st August about erroneous facts regarding the viability of the centre, giving rise to negative sentiment.

Why do the statements of the Seabird Centre’s CEO & project architects contradict those of the Trustees ?

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