Community Chatterbox 25th September

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Chatterbox Comment : Monday 25th September
Petitioners’ opinions suggest it’s time for the Scottish Seabird Centre to “Shape Up OR Ship Out”. Which course would you plot ?

Petition Comment : North Berwick, 12th August
They should concentrate on what they have. As it is, the centre looks run down; the documentaries & films are old fashioned; people are trying to use the binoculars to look at the Bass Rock which don’t seem to work and a number are missing ! Our harbour is special as it is. We don’t require a big building spoiling the Harbour area. Let’s get what we have correct first and make it a better experience for the visitors.

Petition Comment : Hawick, 8th August
It’s in a tight corner of the harbour and definitely more is not an option. Can’t they move the whole site further out of the town where there would be sufficient space to show off what they have in more commodious surroundings so they can expand the way the Centre deserves ?

Petition Comment : Gullane, 7th August
Quite enough already at Seabird Centre without overdevelopment pushing out the local harbour users & community. Good brownfield site at Cockenzie for a Marine Centre !

Petition Comment : Lochwinnoch, 7th August
North Berwick Harbour is one of the jewels of the Scottish South East ! It is quite unbelievable that you are even contemplating a “development” in this lovely, characterful harbour. Please reject any such plans and find another site (if you have to) where the detrimental effects of a new build would have less significance.

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