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Planning Application 17/00434/P – Response to Comments

After the Public Consultation Period closed in June the SSC engaged a professional firm (MSE) to trawl through the objections lodged with ELC Planning.  The public have had no access to the objections.

MSE have taken two months to prepare a Planning Statement which is now available online at

SSC have also submitted revised plans; an Economic Impact Assessment; a revised Design and Access Statement; there’s even a rumour of a Summary Business Plan but no sign of it so far!

The design changes are made in response to comments from the planning officers and are largely concerned with reducing the mass of the building – the roof forms have been changed.

Unsurprisingly the Planning Statement argues against many objections and rejects others as not relevant.

Despite earlier claims from the SSC regarding a minimal increase in visitor numbers they now say, “The Scottish Seabird Centre currently attracts approximately 273,000 visits per annum. Following redevelopment this is projected to increase to 344,000. These projections are conservative and therefore robust…”

Please take time to look at the new plans to see if your objections, or your reasons for support, have been addressed.

Your comments must be received no later than Sunday 8th October 2017.

Comments can be made via the Council’s website, emailed to or made in writing.

If you made a comment before, please do so again and get one more person to write this time!

Please copy your comment to your local councillor

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