Community Chatterbox 27th September

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~ It’s Everyone’s Harbour ! ~

Chatterbox Comment : Wednesday 27th September
Petition respondents evaluate the economic reasons for the Seabird Centre’s desire for expansion & try to understand the real motivation behind their proposals.

Petition Comment : Gullane, 7th August
The impact to the ancient harbour would be devastating. I think this is a very poorly considered proposal based on profit rather than the impact to marine life and the wishes of the locals. The Yacht Club and most residents were here long before the Seabird Centre and, whilst a great thing, the Seabird Centre should not be allowed to expand any further at the detriment to locals. North Berwick is now overdeveloped beyond its capacity as it is. The potential loss of the Fringe by the Sea, even if a different location was found, would not be the same. Please do not allow this to go ahead and be swayed by those seeking profit. It will not increase jobs significantly in the area enough to allow it to go ahead.

Petition Comment : East Linton, 10th August
The business plan of the Seabird Centre fails to stack up and the proposed development, an eyesore, would spoil the picturesque and traditional harbour.

Petition Comment : London, 10th August
The harbour needs to be protected from commercial greed.

Petition Comment : Newcastle, 14th August
I believe that the SSC already has too much of a valuable public area and is mainly about a Coffee Shop !

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