Community Chatterbox 29th September

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Chatterbox Comment : Friday 29th September
Here’s what some of our Petition Respondents are saying within our LOCAL, NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL community ……………

Petition Comment : Tranent, 13th August
I don’t want this area changed and ruined. Move the Seabird Centre to where it can expand. There is plenty of coastline where parking could be put in with the plan.

Petition Comment : Bridgewater, 6th August
It’s far too big & obtrusive and why should they increase in size just to try and get more funding to pay salaries, etc ?

Petition Comment : Renfrew, 8th August
Whilst a national sea-life centre is an absolute must, it should be built somewhere else that reclaims abandoned industrial land & not on a site of historical significance. It’s not rocket science is it …….

Petition Comment : Tucson, Arizona, USA, 8th August
We’ve visited this beautiful harbour. It would be so easy to destroy its character with careless development.

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