Community Chatterbox 4th October

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Chatterbox Comment : Wednesday 4th October
Seabird Centre’s Panto Season is in full swing – could “Jack & the Beanstalk” be the inspiration for their proposed Viewing Tower ? Curtain Up for more respondent’s reviews ………

Petition Comment : Kinghorn, Fife, 11th August
If it goes ahead we’ll be able to see the Seabird Centre from Fife !!! Please stop this crazy scheme from changing North Berwick harbour forever.

Petition Comment : North Berwick, 20th August
The harbour area is for everyone not just the Seabird Centre. The plans for the development seem intrusive and dominating. I wouldn’t want an imposing building looming down as we enjoy the harbour. Looks like it will cast a literal and figurative dark shadow over the harbour area.

Petition Comment : North Berwick, 10th August
The height of the buildings proposed will significantly block the low southern winter sun, creating a darker & colder harbour area. This is an important local recreation area, a tourist area & a working harbour & this will make it less attractive to its detriment … At the moment the Seabird Centre has a visual scale in keeping with the area. It is an impressive building, but not an overly imposing one. This low-key aspect is in keeping with the visual environment. Increasing the size of the building will increase its visual impact in a way that is not in keeping with this… I have looked at the planning application but have not been able to find an adequate business plan to justify the stated need for this development.

Petition Comment : Haddington, 7th August
The proposal looks ghastly and out of place.

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