Community Chatterbox 6th October

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Chatterbox Comment : Friday 6th October
Here’s what some of our Petition Respondents are saying within our LOCAL, NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL community ……………

Petition Comment : North Berwick, 11th August
Expand the Seabird Centre if you must, but not with an irrelevant tower and pointless bridge.

Petition Comment : London, England, 6th August
It’s a monstrosity !

Petition Comment : Little Kingshill, England, 6th August
This proposal if it were implemented would be devastating for the harbour of North Berwick. This is over-development of the small harbour which is totally unsuitable for the proposed NMC.

Petition Comment : Haddington, 6th August
I think that the harbour needs to be retained the way it is. The Seabird Centre, in my opinion, is an ugly monstrosity. No more please !

Petition Comment : Peebles, 22nd August
The way the harbour is now is perfect & over developing the area will ruin such iconic views. It would be devastating to destroy the beauty of North Berwick.

Petition Comment : Beaverton, Oregon, USA, 22nd August
I care about beauty on earth, wherever it is. They can put their development somewhere else.

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