Community Chatterbox 9th October

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Chatterbox Comment : Monday 9th October
Monday morning & it’s back to business. So, let’s hear what our respondents are saying about the SSC’s “business case” for further expansion into the Harbour area.

Petition Comment : North Berwick, 6th August
There is no demonstrable business case being evidenced for the proposed investment by the SSC or an options appraisal to consider the best location for the project in the event that a notional need is justified. These are the fundamental stages of any public or private sector investment proposal & should be applied here. Needs not want !

Petition Comment : North Berwick, 6h August
I agree & understand the SSC needs to move with the times to remain viable & current, especially in providing additional educational space. I do not feel however they offer a strong enough business plan to say how their plans will generate any more income or visitors to justify such a massive, intrusive programme of building works that will drastically alter pre-SSC freely publicly accessed historic buildings, such as the Sun lounge, just so they can continue to use it for office space. I am also concerned building works to achieve the new extensions will greatly hinder & restrict local views, access & space for the many groups & charities (run successfully on limited budgets, few staff & temporary buildings) that also use the harbour. In short, if their figures for paying visitors to their discovery centre are low now, (if compared to other North Berwick attractions/charities that run on a fraction of the staff & annual budget), how will a massive increase in footspace address this?

Petition Comment : North Berwick, 6th August
I don’t believe the SSC should be allowed to bully its way into change that isn’t needed or wanted.

Petition Comment : North Berwick, 7th August
The Harbour is the tourist attraction, not the seabird centre. The SSC are not viable !

Petition Comment : Dunoon, 13th August
I wish to protect the eco diversity of an historic area that has continued to draw tourism to the town for hundreds of years. A development of the scale proposed will permanently alter the town and have severe consequences on the residents, young & old, who use the area as a safe place to congregate. An overdevelopment on this scale will be catastrophic for this area’s natural beauty and would serve only to raise the profits of the Seabird Centre café !

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