Harbour Charges

Fees and Charges - April 2021– March 2022

Contact: Ross Harbison, Harbour Master

Tel: 01620 893333 or 07776 467373 

Email:  hm@nbharbour.org.uk

  Fee (Ex VAT) Fee Payable (Inc VAT)
(Length only/metre & 10ths. Floating or hard standing, if available, annual charge only)    
All Boats (per metre LOA* to include all projections) £50.00 £60.00
Other moorings/parkings    
All rowing boats and tenders moored or stored within or around the harbour and not occupying a usable mooring. (per annum) Maximum 3.7 meters £50.00 £60.00
Temporary Mooring/parking of boats on a mooring allocated to another holder Pro-Rata rate for length (any boat) for period of occupation
Dinghy Parking    
Per boat: Full Space (per annum) £154.17 £185.00
Per boat: Lower Rack Space (per annum) £130.00 £156.00
Per boat: Upper Rack Space (per annum) £80.00 £96.00
Launching and Landing at any position    
(per vehicle/trailer)    
Per Day £13.33 £16.00
Per Week £48.33 £58.00
Per Year £80.83 £97.00
Overnight Visitors    
Per night £18.33 £22.00
Motor Boat Hard Standing    
Per Week £70.83 £85.00
Per Year £208.33 £250.00
Canoe Rack    
Per Year £50.00 £60.00
Changing Room    
Per Year £115.00 £138.00
Beach Hut    
Per Year £225.00 £270.00

Businesses, Charities and Clubs should contact the Secretary for charges:


VAT Registration No 342 9325 02

*LOA means the overall length of the vessel including any fore and aft projection