Arriving by road

Boats coming by road may launch off the West beach at all states of the tide. Most of the ground is firm sand and smooth rock, although launching near low water springs will be more difficult as the sand is softer and is very gently sloping. The beach is accessed via the lower quay.

On arrival and before launching, you should contact the Harbour Master to pay your launching fee, and to get advice as required. Parking is not allowed on the lower quay or beach, and there is limited parking available in other areas of the harbour. At peak times, finding a parking space nearby can be very difficult, and you should note that parking restrictions apply 7 days per week. Trailers may be left temporarily on the beach while the boat is in use, but care must be given at all times to ensure that the lifeboat slip is not blocked and that a clear path to the water is left for the lifeboat.