For Divers

Boat Launching facilities

Boats may be launched from the beach adjoining the harbour. Details are available on the ‘info’ .. ‘arrive by road’ page. Visitors wishing to launch should contact the Harbour Master for advice and to pay any charges due. Charges are specified on the ‘info’ .. ‘harbour charges’ page.


Any person or organisation wishing to use the harbour or Galloway’s Pier for shore based diving, should contact the Harbour Master or Harbour Manager in the first instance, and they should be prepared to make a presentation, to describe their procedures, to indicate good practice, in order that their operation be approved before conducting such diving.

Good practice would expect to include:
◦Galloway’s Pier is used for diving only when the water covers the pier (ie. when boats would not be using the Pier)
◦Appropriate Risk Assessment has been (or will be) undertaken and documented
◦The ‘A’ flag is hoisted to warn boat users that diving taking place, and a person is based on shore while diving is taking place.
◦The Harbour Master should be informed of the diving taking place. If the Harbour Master is not available then a note should be posted in the Harbour Master’s Office. This diving activity will be logged.

There is presently no charge applicable for shore diving, but this is subject to regular review of harbour charges.


Loading and unloading are allowed but there is NO parking on the esplanade at any time, also vehicles must not enter the dinghy park.