COVID 19 Phase 1 Guidance – Issue 1 – 29 May 2020

On Thursday 28th May 2020 the First Minister announced that from 29th May water sports would be included in the list of exercise and activity permitted during Phase 1 of the Scot Gov route map for moving out of lockdown.

Individual sports and trade bodies have their own guidance on Phase 1 measures. Please read and understand them. These guidelines are concerned with the use of harbour facilities:

• Arrival – there is no car parking available at the harbour
• Seating around the harbour is extremely limited
• Movement around the harbour – be considerate and maintain social distance
• Use of facilities – leave it clean – bring sanitising and cleaning material with you
• Specific areas of the harbour may remain closed to discourage public gathering

Scottish Government advice and guidance should always be followed

Physical distancing requirements are still in place People must stay a minimum distance of 2 meters apart when meeting others from outside their household.

Travel is still restricted. You are permitted to travel short distances for outdoor leisure and exercise but strongly advised to stay within a short distance of your local community (broadly within 5 miles) and travel by walk, wheel or cycle where possible

Meeting others is limited You may meet up with another household outdoors in small numbers, less than 8, but with physical distancing required and only meet with one other household per day.

No public gatherings are permitted Except for meetings of two households, outdoors and with physical distancing

• This means that events such as organised races, club trips and events that would involve people from more than two households meeting at the harbour are not permitted.

Specific guidance on meeting others outdoors and travel for exercise is published here . The fundamentals of hygiene continue to apply when participating in outdoors activity: avoid touching surfaces with your hands, sharing equipment and touching your mouth and face. Please follow advice on the NHS Inform website about hygiene and wash your hands as soon as you get home.
Some guidance:

All users should be mindful of their impact on other harbour users:

• Maintain a 2m social distance at all times. Allow extra time to get afloat; at busy times you may have to wait while others, including members of the public, move around you.

• Be considerate when preparing and moving equipment. Do not leave equipment unattended in areas where others move around. On the beach, safe passage for the public must be maintained.

• Be prepared to cancel your plans. If the harbour is too busy to ensure safe social distancing come back another time. The harbour (or certain areas) may be closed at the discretion of the Harbour Master; please respect his decisions.

• Be conservative when planning any activity and stay well within your capabilities. No group activities are allowed during Phase 1.

• “Assume it’s infected – leave it clean”. Bring material with you to clean public surfaces and hands

• If you need to make use of someone else’s property for access (boat, ladder, punt; etc) – seek permission – leave it clean

• Gloves may protect you, but they can transfer virus from one surface to another – leave it clean

• The washdown facility can create a pinch point – do not use. It may be locked off.

• If you intend going afloat alone, please consider;

Some rules:

• The Harbour Master’s Office is out of bounds. To contact the Harbour Master, use the phone, email, or talk outside maintaining the appropriate social distance.

• A contractor’s compound is still on the Esplanade and will be live from 1st June. Do not take vehicles on to the Esplanade. Do not leave boats on the Esplanade.

Further changes likely:

• A one-way system is likely to be introduced across the back of the harbour as other facilities and contractors working on the north west wall return; please observe.


Bill Roberts
Secretary & Harbour Manager
North Berwick Harbour Trust Association

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